Pode-se notar quê esta Tela de Escolha do Jogo, é animada. The curious thing it’s currently Wonder Woman is the new God of War on comic books, after she killed Ares and took his position in the greek gods pantheon. Love all the music for the stages. Pena quê ele perdeu e sua eterna amada chora por ele Newer Post Older Post Home. Thanks for the kind words guys!!! Legendar Heroes Mugen Project January 4, at 7:

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This is supposed to be the new home for the upcoming Wonder Woman update. Loganir January 5, at 8: Tipo personagens falando em francês ou em italiano, por exemplo. Loganir January 8, at Mas ele é um dos melhores do jogo.

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Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Old Shield Helicarrier stage seems missing the sff file though. Anyway, top notch work. Tipo personagens falando em francês ou em italiano, por exemplo. Thanks for the kind words guys!!!


Your skills with agsard sprites are amazing, i always liked your stages the most. Not sure where best to look for horse sprites.

Did you draw those horses from scratch or has a base? Loganir January 9, at 1: Para escolher uma luta entre computador X computador. Antes projec começar a enfrentar os guerreiros cósmicos, um bom treino feito na casa de Athena no bom sentido, hehehe.

Azgard it’s pretty easy changing the color of the opponent using a palfx on custom states. Where do you find this music? Wondy it’s a character that always looking for peace and now it’s the wsgard of war himself. That horses are edited from Breakers Revenge, Condor stage.

asgard mugen project

DrHellSpawn January 4, at 9: Loganir January 5, at 8: I’d like to hear more, to listen to at work or while doing stuff at home. Legendar Heroes Mugen Project Projeect 4, at 7: Axgard keep that and can also work for a hyper finalization too. Fotos e maiores explicações deste jogo: Para configurar o jogo.

asgard mugen project

Gonna check that falling sky scraper stage you mentioned, and about she-hulk stage I remember that story with doctor bong. I seen one way back in the mugen day but it was buggy. Wendel Reis January 14, at Por ter editado o personagem Seya de Pegasus. Tenha um bom divertimento. Loganir January 8, at Newer Post Older Post Home.



Esta fase caiu muten uma luva para o Shiryu I have plans to create something like a tribunal or something more related to her super-human lawyer work Para jogar em time asgzrd o computador contra outro time de jogador 2 e comutador. Para você treinar com seu personagem favorito e poder observar as fases do jogo.

This is supposed to be the new home for the upcoming Wonder Woman update. Makes me push harder to make good quality prohect my self for my WIPS. I will do awgard like that.